Dynamic DNS with your own domain name (for free!)

To date i have been using dyndns for dynamic dns hostnames using my own domain, whilst it works ok it costs and more importantly there is a limit on the number of hosts and it wasn’t clear if this could be increased.

So onto afraid.org, its free for up to 50 hosts, provides many features, and if you want to add more its cheap to do so in additional blocks (starting from $60 per year).

Since I already have my DNS infrastructure on different servers I decided to delegated an entire subdomain for dynamic dns hosts called ‘sites’. So the FQDN for one of my hosts might be hq1.sites.mydomain.com.

With your DNS server delegate the subdomain to the afraid.org nameservers by creating new nameserver records:

sites IN 14400 NS ns1.afraid.org.

sites IN 14400 NS ns2.afraid.org.

sites IN 14400 NS ns3.afraid.org.

sites IN 14400 NS ns4.afraid.org.

Next go to afraid.org and create an account.

Create a new Domain, and enter something along the lines of sites.yourdomain.com (or whatever domain that suits you).

From there you can create dynamic hosts by clicking Dynamic DNS on the left menu, and then clicking Add to create new dynamic hosts.

In the destination field add (or other IP address you like), this will be updated by your dynamic DNS client.

Finally you need to configure your dynamic DNS client. This can be a wget script, or some devices have built in support for afraid.org updates. For OpenWRT such support is built in, and its as simple as entering your afraid.org username/password and the dyndns hostname. The rest will be automatically updated for you. That’s all there is to it, and all for free.

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